For intermediate / IKO 3

Do you know the basics of kitesurfing? It’s time for the next step!


  • Expand your knowledge about swimming and equipment
  • Explore different weather conditions
  • Get ready for independent kiting




Come with us to the next level and catch the wind!


Imagine yourself surfing in different weather conditions thanks to the perfect mastery of advanced kiting techniques.



This is the next chapter of your adventure!

Trust our experience!

Maciej Zimas Zimowski / IKO Instructor, Coach i Assistant Trainer 

– head of training at SUEÑO SURF with over 20 years of teaching experience, personally makes sure that the courses are conducted at the highest level.

Easy & secure!

Maciej Zimowski created and led for seven years one of the most professional kitesurfing centers in the world. For many years he has been riding, training and cooperating with kitesurfing centers around the world. He managed the work, in total over 60 instructors. By training candidates for IKO Instructors, visiting various places around the world, he constantly improves and optimizes training methods.

The result of this work is the SUEÑO SURF Quality System – easy and secure.



What you can learn on the course

We train according to the IKO program and based on many years of experience.

With us you will learn:


extended knowledge about equipment
correct position
smooth braking & turning
riding on swith
preparation for independent kiting in various conditions
riding upwind
riding both sides
advanced self rescue

Teaching program price list

IKO 2 / 3
For anyone who finished basic training and I don't not feel confident yet.
For anyone who needs refresh the acquired knowledge or want to fill in the gaps.
board recovery, self rescue w wodzie, correct position, braking, turning, riding upwind, preparation for independent kiting in various conditions and spots, broadened knowledge about the trimming of equipment,
COURSE Duration Price
1 instructor by 2 students
4 h
140 EUR / os.
in the price: training equipment, IKO certificate
1 instructor by 1 student
4 h
220 EUR / os.
in the price: training equipment, IKO certificate
1 instructor by 1 student
1 h
50 EUR / os.
adapted to the student level and needs

Standard package in the price