Sueño trips vs COVID-19

There is a special situation going on in the world at the moment and we are following its every step. We’re trying to draw the right conclusions while remaining calm and being serious about the problem. We absolutely understand your concerns, therefore we’d like to provide an information, which will hopefully answer all your questions.

  1. For people who’ve already made a reservation:
    For now, all our trips are on schedule. In case the situation changes and we’ll be unable to proceed with trips due to independent causes, we won’t let anyone be lossy.
    In this case, all advance payments will be moved to another date. People who paid the full amount should expect refunds if a trip is canceled due to independent causes.
  2. For those, who wish to book a trip but have doubts, regarding the current situation:
    Considering the current situation, we’d like to assure you, that if a trip you’ve chosen not be taking place due to independent causes, your advance payment will be transferred to another considered date.
    At the same time, we recommend purchasing extra cancellation policy at the booking, which secures you in case of sudden sickness, even if you’re canceling as late as one day prior departure you can still ask for a full refund from your insurer.

We sincerely hope all preventive steps taken in Europe and in the rest the world will soon calm the situation down and our kitesurfers’ lives can go back to normal again:)

Best regards,