Maciej “Zimas” Zimowski


Maciej Zimowski is head of training in SUEÑO with over 18 years of experience in kitesurfing, he personally ensures that the courses be conducted on the highest level.

He has created and managed one of the most professional kitesurfing centers in the world, managing operations, of 60 instructors in total. He also introduces his own training techniques based on international IKO teaching standards. The effect of this is the SUEÑO SURF quality system – easy and safe.

Ania Witaszewska

In SUEÑO SURF she’s the one who makes sure that every trip is fine tuned to the last detail and that the smile on your face remains long after you’ve come back home

Kitesurfing has changed her life for good. A few years ago, she quit her „normal” job and moved to Egypt. She became an IKO instructor and passion became a dream job and a lifestyle. She lived and tought in Egypt, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. Another one of her passions is making amazing photos of everyday life of people and animals and commemorating your most beautiful moments of your kitesurfing progression. She follows her dream. For her kitesurfing is a lifestyle, passion and freedom.

Cooperating with us:

Michał "Karaś" Karski
He has been involved in kitesurfing for 8 years. In the summer he enjoys the charms of our native Peninsula, and in winter he discovers spots on other continents. He taught and surfed in Australia, South Africa, Vietnam, Honduras, Portugal, Morocco, the Philippines ... Long to exchange :) He has a level of Trainer in the IKO organization. In addition to kitesurfing, he also teaches surfing, which is his greatest passion when the wind stops. In the past, he also practiced and trained snowboarding and spent whole days under water, working as a Divemaster. He is a real PASSIONATE :)
Tiago Rocha
IKO Examiner and owner of Kook Proof kite school in Portugal, the representative of SUENO SURF in Esposende, one-man army. Incredible knowledge and energy. He will make your holiday active, effective and he’ll widen your knowledge of kitesurfing!
Marcin Kolanko
There are rumors saying that Marcin was windsurfing before he properly learned to walk :) He loves kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, SUP and wakeboarding, and he’s not a big fan of walking till this day :) He teaches windsurfing for 9 years, kiting for 7 years, wakeboarding, SUP for 3 years. He’s an IKO, VDWS and PSS instructor and a trained physiotherapist. He’s working in Portugal his third season, he’ll gladly teach you watersports in practice and make theory classes, He’ll share his passion, because about waves, wind and gear he can talk for hours.